Let Us Pack Our Planet

TOKYO PACK February 24–26, 2021



Packaging technologies have given answers
to issues in human society.
How can we preserve food for a long time?
What are the solutions to growing consumption?

Now, we need to answer questions
asked by our planet.
How can we control climate change?
What should we do to protect precious marine life?

Not merely to reduce environmental impact,
not just for the sake of humanity,
our packaging must go further to save the earth.
It is time for us to step into an untrodden path.

The path, however, cannot be explored by our efforts alone.
Together with partners who have the same goal,
pursue innovations based on our proven technologies.

Our mission never changes.
To hold and preserve the quality of valuables
and hand them over to future generations,
we will pack our whole planet.

Our Packaging Technology,
Not Just for Mankind,
But for the Planet

Since its founding in 1917,
the Toyo Seikan Group has provided
solutions to social issues.
With our technologies developed over 100 years,
we will take on challenges to save our future planet.

  • Explosive population growth Solving food scarcity


    Japan's first automatic can manufacturing

    The can making machine automated the process that had been performed by hand, making food available to more people.

  • Post World War II Towards reconstruction


    Japan's first paper cup for icecream

    We were the first to produce icecream paper cups in Japan, bringing many people irresistible taste.


    Japan's first spray-type insecticide

    It achieved both convenience and hygiene (quick eradication without touching chemicals).

  • High growth period To enjoy delicious food safely


    World's first retort pouch

    Retort pouch, which allows food to be distributed and stored without cooling or freezing, was a game changer in the industry and has been listed in the 100 Japanese Post War Innovations, along with the Shinkansen train and LED.

  • Era of modern and mature society More convenient, more fulfilling


    TULC, Japan's first can to reduce environmental impact

    TULC, the most lightweight can in the industry, is produced using a dry forming process without water consumption, significantly reducing environmental impact.


    Strap Band Cap, Japan's first tethered beverage closure

    The PET bottle cap does not fall off the bottle neck, making one hand free while drinking.


    OXYDEC, Japan's first oxygen-scavenging film

    The container itself absorbs oxygen and thus needs no oxygen absorbers inserted, avoiding the risk of accidental eating or drinking.

Our Initiatives to Realize a Sustainable Society
in the Following Three Aspects: